YOU know I like bright colours , yes? Well, I added a little colour to the table this week. This set of aluminium coasters was $3 from Vinn...

YOU know I like bright colours, yes? Well, I added a little colour to the table this week. This set of aluminium coasters was $3 from Vinnies. Is it a picnic set do you think? Did people once pack coasters for picnics? Wow. How civilised.

Margaret Fulton probably has a set of picnic coasters. She'd certainly know what to pack for one - a picnic that is. This is the 1983 edition of her cookery bible, bought for $6 from a Salvos store. While I am not going to tick off all the recipes in a Julie and Julia-style culinary blitz I have made the apple tea cake and swear by Fulton's pavlova recipe. So many to try. I can't even imagine cooking them all in one lifetime. Fulton's a machine. When pondering mealtimes in our house, any domestic chore in fact, we ask, what would Margaret do? And damn her, if her encyclopedia doesn't always have an answer.
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  1. Love those coasters. I remember we had a set of picnic cups made out of the same colourful aluminum when I was a kid. And as for Margaret, well she's a national treasure. She's our Martha Stewart minus the "I'm a serial killer in my spare time gaze".

  2. Well, Martha is an ex-con :-)
    Our Margaret is indeed a machine. Love your coasters! xxx Rebecca

  3. That's so funny, we ask each other what would Stephanie or Martha say?

  4. Those coasters are tres chic!!

    And as for Margaret, I was in the same shop as her last weekend. She is a tiny bird, and so polite. Rock on Margaret!

  5. Those coasters are lovely - the colours are beautiful.

    Margaret is such a legend ... 'what would Margaret do?' sounds like a blog theme and life philosophy all in one.


  6. I will have to try my hand at the pav :)

  7. i on the other hand, have a 70s edition of Margaret and rip out pages for my artwork. Recently I created the 'pudding bathers' using her pages
    Oh Margaret, your books are so good, in so many ways.