EVER since making this I’ve been pondering the use of cut jersey for a number of other projects. One is very similar to Brooklyn designer ...

EVER since making this I’ve been pondering the use of cut jersey for a number of other projects. One is very similar to Brooklyn designer Tara St James’ striped jersey necklace, as posted by Abigail Doan and hunted down to Tara’s Daily Jumpsuit Etsy site.

What’s the deal with making something that looks like someone else’s? I do know about copyright but I’m making this stuff for myself, not to sell. It feels like every time I have an idea for a project it jumps out at me from cyberspace. I keep having chicken and egg moments. Did I see that online or in a magazine and then had the idea, or did the idea come first and someone else just happened to have a similar project on the go? I suppose I could go and Google all my ideas and find something similar out there, but it feels like cheating once I know I’ve seen it somewhere else.

For the record, my project uses big chains and recycled T-shirts and was inspired by this necklace and this one here. So, if I see you’ve made it, I thought of it first, OK?
Image source: Daily Jumpsuit

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  1. Ha! This has happened to me so many times. I will think of something and then turn around and see it the next day. I always feel alittle let down. BTW: The fairy tale book does not have the katie crackernuts story :(

  2. Oooh I love that fringey one!

    I have so many similar projects in my head. This will be my first:

  3. haha, this is so true, i think we just have to say everything has been done before and just go with what we want to do. i think its fine to think i can make it more unique and cheaper for myself to enjoy but its gotta be wrong to go sell that on, but many do.

  4. That is one super fabulous necklace. Looks like denim strips - great contrast with he rope. got a modern tribal feel. it may be frustrating to have similar ideas to others but i see it as a sure sign that u have your finger on the pulse. wish there was a way to turn this ability into a money making venture - same story happens here xx

  5. gorgeous necklace and i love your inspirations!
    the chicken and the egg moments can be problem. i quite like mel bombas comment though : )
    and thanks for your comment on my eco cleaning challenge too - appreciated!

  6. I know what you mean about the copyright thing. I mean when you think about it, there are 6 billion of us in the world, so for our ideas to be unique it's a 6 billion to 1 chance! Ican get really diasppointing when you've got a GREAT idea and find out someone else beat you to the chase!I think it comes down to integrity ~ if you know you've made it up then it's yours in your heart anyway :)