I ORDERED a Bundle of Mess T-shirt from design student Mayzelle, of Maiden Threads . It arrived earlier this month and I’ve already rocke...

I ORDERED a Bundle of Mess T-shirt from design student Mayzelle, of Maiden Threads. It arrived earlier this month and I’ve already rocked it out a couple of times. She’s asked me for pics of how I’ve worn it. Eeek. While the op shop challenge pushed me to be photographed in my fav op shop pieces, I am still not good at having my picture taken. Shocking actually. I am usually behind the camera. Savvy readers of this blog will note I bailed on being photographed in the second “fashion spread” of the op shop challenge, preferring instead the InStyle magazine style of shoot. Clever, hey? Did you notice?

I’m turning this one over to you. How do you think I should wear Mayzelle’s design? Inspire me and I promise I’ll be in a photo. And, if you want to see how to take one outfit and wear it a hundred ways – or 365 ways, as the case may be - check out The Uniform Project. I won’t go on, it’s done the rounds.

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  1. You sneaky minx - we want photos!

    I like it just how you've got it ere, with fave jeans and brown belt. And maybe some flat, strappy sandals.

  2. i agree! very cute.

  3. Love this top!! What a great name for a label too. I am thinking a bit of suede.... knee high boots or a suede skirt just above the knee. Definitely works well with tight jeans and brown belt(a bit Jane Birkin).Hope to see your pics up soon:)

  4. awww Katie! the pictures look so nice already! and i love the colour palette you chose to go with. the brown belt really goes with it! c'mon now, don't be shy! =P

  5. I can just never work out how to grow a long enough arm to be in front of the camera. No doubt you will manage it swimming in style...

  6. i want to see pics too - looks interesting!
    id team it with dark dark navy skinny jeans and patent black flats
    with a jersey knee length skirt, black leggings that hit the ankle and wedge shoes
    haha thanks for letting us style it!