IT'S been a topsy turvy month. An overseas work trip (don't go skipping ahead to see where) was a highlight but added pressur... | tulips in vienna | cafe culture in vienna | building details in vienna

IT'S been a topsy turvy month. An overseas work trip (don't go skipping ahead to see where) was a highlight but added pressure to finish things at the office and home. Needless to say, there has been plenty to do in the weeks since I've been back, and the last days of March have found me trying to calibrate and plan for the month ahead. There are a couple of volunteer projects, an autumn garden to prepare, planned autumn crafts, Easter, and, fingers crossed, a wee break at the end of the month.

I READ: Can you claim listening to a book as reading? I will. I listened to the final chapters of The Book Thief while walking the dog yesterday.

I WENT TO: Vienna. Yup. The work trip was to Vienna.

I LISTENED TO: After a podcast hiatus, I'm back on the 'walking and listening' bandwagon. Some people listen to pumping music to get their heart rate up while walking. I tend to ramble along listening to people spill forth with ideas. My most recent ramble was to Costa Georgiadis talking to Margaret Throsby on ABC RN's Midday

I ATE: You saw that I went to Vienna, right? (I know, I thought I'd just let that one sit there for a moment). When you're in Vienna you have to eat Austrian food. That means strudel, Wiener melange coffee, Sachertorte, beautiful breads, you name it. If it was baked, I ate it. Seriously, cake is a food group in Austria.

I SAW: Hours and hours and hours and hours on a plane means you're at the mercy of the in-flight entertainment. I have never watched so much film and television in one sitting but I did get to catch up on several years worth of movie going. I saw Blue Jasmine, Gravity, August: Osage County and the entire current season of Dowton Abbey. My pick was definitely August: Osage County.

I MADE: It home. Honestly, there's no place like home.

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  1. NO place like home. True that!

  2. haha! I love that cake cam be a food group! I can live with that!
    gorgeous photo in the restaurant.
    Also - I love August: Osage County too, others didn't like it because the characters were all unlikeable, but I just thought they were all flawed characters and that they were more like real people in that respect. A long plane trip is great or catching up on movies isn't it?

  3. I normally try to watch as many movies as possible when I fly as well. This time, we had a baby in tow and so didn't get as many in as I would have liked but I did get to see August: Osage County as well. I loved it. I thought about going to Austria on this recent trip to Europe, but Switzerland won out as my husband hasn't been. Austria would have been cheaper.