AUTUMN 2016 || MAY 2016... I'VE DONE IT

MAY has been both a long month and a short one. Things I did at the start of the month feel like they were ages ago, but at the same ...

MAY has been both a long month and a short one. Things I did at the start of the month feel like they were ages ago, but at the same time life has been busy and squeezed. If there had been a couple more hours in the days this month, I would not have been complaining. Are you feeling the same? 


I WENT TO… Collector. Yes I did and for pumpkins no less. Collector, just north of Canberra, is known for being a really windy place, and cold, and pumpkins

I ATE… When you go to Collector for a pumpkin festival you eat, well, a lot of pumpkin. Think less 'baked pumpkin' and more 'pumpkin scone'. Collector's destination cafe, Some Cafe, also offered up tempting pumpkin treats and the cutest pumpkin-shaped gingerbread biscuits.

I OP SHOPPED… Easily my best score of the month was a pair of unworn Camper shoes for $5 at the local car boot sale. They're beautiful. Other finds included a cute pair of 1950s specs and a 1944 Yates Garden Guide for $1. 

I MADE… I drew up a pattern for a felt koala I will be sharing in a post soon. I'm a delegate to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Asia Pacific conference to be held in Nepal. Each member country shares handcrafted items of a national flavour and sells them with all proceeds going to the development and empowerment of girls and young women in the region. Significant programs in the region are engaging women in civic leadership and helping girls identify and fight to end gender-based violence. I am always amazed and inspired by what this volunteer movement can do, but it always needs a little bit more help.

I'd love to share the pattern with you and would ask that if you like the pattern and want to make one for a special little someone in your life, that you also make one and support Girl Guide programs throughout the Asia Pacific region. A huge thank you in advance.

I READ… I have so many unread books on my bookshelf and am always trying to restrict my purchase of new books, telling myself there's plenty of options sitting unopened at home. One of those unread books was given to me by the author and, awkwardly, it's been there for at least 18 months. North Sea Requiem is a mystery, if I say more I know I'll give the plot away. 

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  1. I would love to go to this pumpkin festival! Although I have a bit of that going on in my own backyard, pumpkins are taking over :) And what fantastic work you are doing...truly awesome!