I HAVE been scouring eBay and Etsy looking for a dress similar to the sundress I was wearing in my last blog post . Granted, it was alway...

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I HAVE been scouring eBay and Etsy looking for a dress similar to the sundress I was wearing in my last blog post. Granted, it was always going to be hard to find an adult version of a frock worn when you were a child but my work Christmas party has a back-to-childhood theme and I was hoping to frock up in a 1970s sundress, navy blue JC sandals, with basket and all. 

There's no time for making a dress, so I am hoping my quick eBay purchase, quite literally just now, will fit the bill - and fit me, what's more. If you think you've something closer to the original lurking in your closet, do let me know. 

I READ… Nothing new. I did start Patti Smith’s Just Kids. I did buy two guidebooks for a planned trip to New York next year (I know, I know, recommendations most welcome) and I did download three audio books to use up my Audible credits. 

I WENT TO… Camp. Yup, another Girl Guide camp. This was a big one. The planning nearly did me in, but the effort was well worth it.

I LISTENED TO… Ani di Franco’s new album, Allergic to Water, and Christmas tunes from jazz greats. Eartha Kitt singing Santa Baby is sinful.

I ATE… Honey drawn straight from a friend’s beehive. Damn, it was good. 

I OP SHOPPED… Another addition to this monthly list but the op shopping and op shopping boasts are far and few between these days so I thought I'd document the best of what meager hauls there are here. Summer sundresses seem to be the flavour of the month at the moment - or at the very least my desire to be wearing them. This pattern will get a run over the Christmas break. I do love a dress with deep pockets on the skirt.

I MADE… A pom pom, or two. Little pom poms to attach to Christmas parcels. I also drew the design for this year’s annual Christmas tree decoration. The plan is to screen print it onto denim, back it with a floral, add a little cardboard in between, add a hanger and, bam! Merry Christmas, one and all. 

You know what they say about ‘best-laid plans’. ‘Til next month peeps.

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