I AM moving towards things very, very slowly at the moment. Not because I am deliberately trying to slow things down, it's more that I...

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I AM moving towards things very, very slowly at the moment. Not because I am deliberately trying to slow things down, it's more that I am trying to keep on top of everything. There's so much happening right now and the only way to keep all the balls in the air is to just do a little bit more of every project, every day. I'm looking forward to getting to Christmas and falling face first into beach sand, or a pavlova, or both.

I READ The Children Act, by Ian McEwan, and This House of Grief, by Helen Garner. Neither of them exactly light reading, but each narrative - one fictional, one not - complementing the other. 

The Children Act, for me, raised a question many  in welfare, community services or any organisation working with and for children struggles with: at what point does professional become personal, and what is the consequence when that happens? Helen Garner's personal and professional collides, without apology. It's why I love her immersion in stories others leave as soon as the news headlines fade away (she even acknowledges this, oh so beautifully).

I WENT TO Camp. Girl Guide camp

I LISTENED TO What do I listen to? Honestly, I've added nothing of note in the past few months. I've done a lot of listening to my own inner voice. Trust me, it's not saying much.

I ATE I tried to new Central Coast restaurants this month. I know, not one, but too. Bombini and Bamvino

Here's the thing, when we moved to the Central Coast of NSW from the wine and food region that is Mudgee, in Central West NSW, we seriously missed somewhere you could get a good feed. In Mudgee, even the pubs serve up top notch grub so imagine coming to a place best known for its club bistros. Woeful. That was 12 years ago. Thankfully, the food scene here is changing and Bombini and Bamvino - the latter with a deli open during the day next door - are the newest eateries on what's becoming a rather tasty smorgasbord of local options.

I SAW Many, many edits of this video, and though it's not perfect, my colleagues and I are pretty proud of the final result. I'd love you to share it and let me know you did. 

I MADE I have lots of ideas for crafting, making, drawing, gardening and baking at the moment, but life is full and very few of them have been realised. It's not been a month devoid of getting my hands dirty or sticky. I have made Gocco screens to print camp blanket badges - old school-style. I have rolled old newspapers into temporary pots to grow seedlings. I have crafted projects for Girl Guide camp, and have even started Christmas crafting - if only a bunch of gift tags made from old children's storybooks and cereal boxes.

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  1. Step by step will get you there :) I want to read the Helen Garner book, I know it will be heavy but I heard her talk about it on Conversations with Richard Fidler and it was compelling to say the least.