WHILE I pin plenty of things I’d like to make for myself one day, I also pin a fair amount of inspiration for Girl Guide activities. I... || #pinymway original pin || #pinymway reinvention
WHILE I pin plenty of things I’d like to make for myself one day, I also pin a fair amount of inspiration for Girl Guide activities. In fact, aside from my personally-imposed limit of four public Pinterest Boards (seemed like a good idea at the time, OK) I have a private pin board of Girl Guide project and program inspiration. Much of it would make no sense at all to anyone who is not a Girl Guide, so I don’t bore you with it.

But this project, is one that could easily sit across both my private Girl Guide board and pins of projects I love just for me. After all, I do like to look my best while playing in mud, compost and chook poo, or out handling guy ropes, metal mallets and cooking fires. || #pinymway now you do it

Coloured felt – this is a good reason for keeping those felt scraps from other projects.
Black felt.
Fabric glue.
Newspaper or something to protect your work bench.
A pair of gardening gloves || #pinymway make your facets
Cut a diamond shape, about an inch long, from the black felt. I didn’t use a template, I used my eye to get a rough shape. We want our precious stones a bit rough, right?

Again, using no template, I cut a long and short triangle with a base of about the same width from one colour of felt to form the middle pieces of my diamond. You can use the same colour for the entire ‘gem’ but I liked the impact of using other colours to finish off the ‘facets’. Again, no template, just snip until you have the pieces you think work together.

I laid out my pieces on the black base of my ‘diamond’ before using tweezers to drag the tiny felt bits through slightly watered down fabric glue, squeezed into the lid of an old jam jar, and press into place. You do feel a little like you’re doing the fine work a jeweler would do for the real thing; it is actually harder than it looks and for children, I have a tip at the bottom of this post. || #pinymway place your gem
Once you have pressed all the ‘facets’ into place, drag the completed ‘gem’ through the glue and press into place on the gardening glove. 

Allow to dry fully before you handle the glove. || #pinmyway flash your rock
Wear… and flash that rock next time you're using the power drill, hauling compost or reassembling the chook shed.

I organised this craft as part of a round robin of outdoor activities for 45 Girl Guides. The activities were all based on reality television shows, and this one was for The Bachelor (with some subtle - as a brick - messaging from leaders that girls didn't need to wait for a fella to 'put a ring on it'). 

Our program was running short of time, and this is a fiddly craft that can be made less so by using glitter fabric paint. The paints with a fine nozzle allowed the girls to place colourful pinheads of glitter over pre-cut black felt diamonds. Easy.

See if you can pick some of the other reality television shows my program of activities poked fun at:

  • Using hand tools to DIY - a bow saw was the tool girls learned to use.
  • Cooking gourmet caramel popcorn using a lightweight hiking stove, known as a hexi stove or solid fuel stove.
  • Making newspaper seedling pots and planting a sunflower seed.
  • Exploring the beauty myth, looking for our inner Guide Goddesses and taking #bestie #selfies.
#pinmyway image source // Handmade Charlotte

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