I PINNED this picture of macramé-wrapped glass jars some time ago hoping to refashion the project into something simple to make at a Gi... || pinmyway macrame hanging candle hanger || macrame hanging candle hanger
I PINNED this picture of macramé-wrapped glass jars some time ago hoping to refashion the project into something simple to make at a Girl Guide camp, but also coveting them to hang in my own garden. We have a large outdoor table and in summer it's the setting for family gatherings. It's big enough to seat about 10 to 12 people comfortably, 16 at a squeeze, and even with more people it's the central point for putting out a spread of food.

The only real problem over past summers is uninvited guests: mosquitoes. We often have mosquito coils or candles burning to rid ourselves of these pesky interlopers but with more little people around than we've had in past years I want to put the citronella candles up high, and these hanging candle holders will be just the thing. || now you do it macrame hanging candle hanger
Six lengths of garden or craft twine, cut to about 1.6m in length.
A glass jar.
The jars I used were saved chutney and condiment jars. My advice is to ensure they're a cylindrical barrel for the first hangers you attempt. It's easier to create the form around the jar's even shape, or even the shape of a tin, and add a more novel jar later. || the first knot macrame hanging candle hanger
Start by grouping your six lengths of twine and, holding them together, tie in the middle using a simple overhand knot. || the second round of knots macrame hanging candle hanger
Take two pieces of string from either side of the knot, hold them together like they were once piece of twine and tie another overhand knot.
Do the same on the opposite side of your middle knot. Pick up two pieces of twine from either side of these knots and repeat the overhand knot, making sure each knot is equal distance from the middle knot. Continue to pick up two pieces of twine that are lying next to each other until there are no more knots to tie. You should have six knots, all equal distance from that centre knot. My first jar had a series of eight knots, but six knots is easier to achieve and the look is no different. || shaping the form macrame hanging candle hanger
Next, from two adjacent knots take one piece of twine and double them up into a new pairing. Tie a new double overhand. Keep these tight; you should have a diamond shape. Continue around the pattern. I add my glass jar about here and start working the pattern up the jar. This can feel awkward for the second round, but by the third round the pattern will start to hug the jar and you'll see your hanger taking shape.
Once you've repeated the pattern of knots, taking one piece of twine and making new knotting pairs all the way up the jar, group all of your twine together again and finish off with a final overhand knot.

Drop your citronella tea light into the jar, light it and hang. Enjoy.
#pinmyway image source // Terrain

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