May 06, 2014

AUTUMN 2014 || A POINT OF VIEW ON FOUND YARN STASHES || point of view vest || point of view vest close up
I AM a train knitter: that is, I knit on trains. With four hours of commuting every work day keeping the hands busy helps the trip home fly by.
The Point of View Vest is my most recently finished project and probably my favourite piece, to date. I have been wearing it over collared shirts and both long and short sleeve tees. The colour is better than I expected too. I knit with only found stashes - mostly found at the op shop - and this score was a cream cotton. I thought it pretty insipid when I cast on, but it seems to wear well with everything.
And ... || point of view vest back
... when you knit with found stashes you can never be sure you'll have exactly enough to finish a project so you have to be a little bit flexible and 'a lot' creative. I knew there was a good chance I'd run out of the cream so I'd already considered a couple of back up plans and this one turned out just as I had hoped. It's a perfect colourful surprise.
#opshopscore // I can't recall the price I paid for these yarns but it was about $10 the lot.
I bought them in 2012, and it's taken that long for me to use them.


  1. Looks great. I'm a train knitter too. But my commute is only about 40 minutes so don't get as much done.

    1. This one, you might get a row - maybe two - done in 40mins. The front and back are knitted in one row, and it's a long, long row.