I CAME to the garden late this season. The year had been busy and I hadn't had the c... || summer garden comfrey || summer garden dahlia || summer garden eggplant || summer garden cucumber

I CAME to the garden late this season. The year had been busy and I hadn't had the chance to prepare garden beds for summer planting.

I ploughed on anyway and scattered a handful of different seeds across hastily turned and fed beds and filled in the empty spaces with nursery-bought seedlings.

Despite the late start and lack of attention I've been rewarded with kilos of tomatoes, fresh summer herbs and an abundance of lettuces. Cucumbers are starting to crop alongside zucchinis, eggplant, capsicum and chilli. Dahlias are coming into bloom and early season herbs are setting seed that will soon be replanted. The turmeric and gingers have bloomed and look lush against a sweep of Vietnamese mint, regular mint, horseradish and comfrey.

The olive tree I cut back hard has put a lot of effort into new leaf and is lush with new silvery growth. The pomegranate too was cut back and carefully staked to withstand this year's strong spring winds and has also put on new leaf and limbs.

In a week's time, the seeds I planted into punnets will have sprouted and I'll be ready to put in an order to Diggers for the new and extended beds I've been literally dreaming about.

This garden's a joy. I've missed it and am glad to be back.

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  1. Great to hear you are having a successful summer crop Katie. There is nothing more rewarding is there? I love that little cucumber.