I SHOULD have called this post "If that's March, I've made  it". I've run a gauntlet the past five or six weeks (I&...

I SHOULD have called this post "If that's March, I've made it". I've run a gauntlet the past five or six weeks (I've lost count). There have been two weekends of Girl Guide camp, a work trip to Canberra, two days of a film workshop, and lots of meetings and greetings in between. 

Oh, and a wedding...

So, yes, I am done. I arrived home last night, my partner and I took a couple of beers down to to our local Thai, and then I came home and crashed, enjoying the deepest sleep I've had for ages.

So, here's a recap.


I READ: I haven't finished anything new this month. I am part-way through Graham Greene's Our Man in Havana and Amy Espeseth's Sufficient Grace. The second book is from this year's Stella Prize long list.

I WENT TO: Another Girl Guide camp. I know. I know. It's becoming repetitive. 

I LISTENED TO: I'm booked into TEDx Sydney and have been catching up on some TED watching and listening. A colleague shared Dan Pollotta's talk, The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong, with me.

I ATE: At Ms G's, in Sydney. It's been on my to-go list for a while and it was the venue for a regular dinner date with two of my dearest friends. I can recommend the salad of green tea soba noodles with snow crab, avocado and shiso.

I SAW: My second eldest stepdaughter marry her fella in a beautiful beachside ceremony. My partner captured a very special candid moment on camera. The blushing bride had held a mirror up to her make-up, and the look captured was of pure delight. She was beautiful and special and that moment, caught forever on camera, reminded me so much of the little girl who was, and who stood before us that day as a woman marking one of life's important moments.

The wreath hanging on my front door was from the wedding. It was originally part of a table decoration -one of six - my mother and her friends made for the day. Mum also made all the bouquets, buttonholes, the bride's garter, gifts for the bridesmaids, the flower girls' head pieces and so many other little things to make the bride, the wedding and reception look beautiful - thanks Mum.

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  1. What wonderful, diverse, happy month of March! The wreath is gorgeous. Look fwd to an April update. xx