THIS is a handful of tomatoes from my summer crop. There's been so few this year. A heatwave ...

THIS is a handful of tomatoes from my summer crop. There's been so few this year. A heatwave knocked them about and then cool days and heavy rain caused them to swell and split. Almost all are waterlogged. I've had none of my annual crop of yellow pear-shaped tomatoes come up and my beans bulged on the vine after all the rain and became inedible. All in all it's been a woeful summer in the garden. 

The final blow was this weekend opening a drawer of stowed seeds to discover rats have been through and eaten the lot. 

I've salvaged the shredded Diggers seed envelopes until I have a chance to properly work out what seed is left, if any. All were stowed in an old dresser that sits alongside my garden tools in our back shed, and while there's always been bush rats in the roof and the shed, they've never chewed through the seeds. 

The past two seasons though, we've had a growing battle on our hands in the garden, and the seeds are the last straw (yes, they've been in the straw as well). 

What to do? We have bush rats and now, I strongly suspect, rattus rattus rats. 

Have you any advice on how to manage an increasingly greedy rat population?

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  1. My brother in law is a rat scientist...he works for the cane companies to determine ways to naturally keep the rats at like planting natives between cane fields.
    Anyway, when we had a chicken feed induced rat problem, he was the first person we called.
    He told us to leave a few Racumin sachets around.
    I am not sure how it is probably terrible...I don't really want to know.
    The one benefit as compared to other rat poisons is that Racumin is no longer active in the rat when the rat dies so if a dog or something eats the dead rat, the dog won't be affected.
    I ordinarily would just live and let live but we had rats making nests in the house and I wasn't comfortable with that since we have a toddler roaming around!
    For better or for worse, we no longer have a rat problem.

  2. I'm sorry about the rats. i don't know anything about them, and have never been in a situation involving them. I would probably be scared/grossed out if I saw one, lol.

    I like your photo. I'm jealous that you live in Australia and are enjoying summer now! It's so cold where I am. Enjoy!

    Glad to have discovered your blog :)