AMID the planning for Christmas Day's gathering and feast, I've been preparing the hous...

AMID the planning for Christmas Day's gathering and feast, I've been preparing the house to look the best it can on the day. 

My partner thinks I am insane but this is our hearth, the roof over our heads, the shelter where a family has been raised. It's seen all and it's been steadfast. It's welcomed people over that front step, it's endured slamming doors, it's seen us gather around a table again and again and again. It's been remade in pieces by us and the sole family - all three generations of it - that lived here before us. For me, it's as important as all those who will gather here on Christmas Day.

Cobwebs have been cleared, panelling dusted and washed down and that grand table setting at our back door has been washed down and oiled.

If you're as nutty as me, you too might like to try my furniture oil. It's ideal for wood outdoor furniture but used sparingly does a beautiful job on indoor furniture. Consider it my gift to your house.

300mL linseed oil
300mL mineral turpentine
150mL white vinegar
150mL methylated spirits

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  1. i'm in a similar state of house cleaning for xmas eve at our place and am about to embark on scrubbing down the outdoor furniture for reoiling.
    Do you have any tips for scrubbing outdoor furniture?

    1. Is it wood? Not that it makes much of a difference, but I just use a soft bannister brush to get all the cobwebs and dust off and then use hot soapy water with a little vinegar for good measure (and to help stop mould and the like) and scrub with a stiff brush or car sponge, depending on what the material is. Happy cleaning.

  2. I love your sentiments regarding Christmas and your home and have taken them to heart! Merry Christmas to you and your family.