IF you have a really good memory you may have seen,  way back when , that I had the knitting Nancy out.  I was experimenting with an i...

IF you have a really good memory you may have seen, way back when, that I had the knitting Nancy out. I was experimenting with an idea that started off well but sat unfinished for months. 

In a rare burst of energy, and with a little more time on my hands than I am used to, I finished the said idea last weekend - two necklaces knitted using fluoro builder's line. You can buy metres of the stuff for next to nix at hardware stores and though it's a bit tough on the hands it pulls through a knitting Nancy quite nicely.

What spurred me on to finish was finding a stash of big chunky wooden beads at the op shop and, even if I do say so myself, the project turned out better than I'd imagined. 

Creative project. Check.

What have you finished this week?

And, because I am a sucker for punishment, that cream cloth you see laid out there is a spring top I am knitting. Let's just assume it's safe to say, given the time it takes me to finish any given craft project, I may not mean this spring. 
#opshopscore: Wooden beads, 50c, Kincumber Uniting Church op shop

PS: Did you see what Kirsty made out of builder's line? Take a peek. It's inspired.

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  1. I planted this weekend. Not crafty but determined that this time, stuff that I can eat will finally grow!!

  2. I love it - it's gorgeous!
    One of the girls that was at the craft retreat that I went to on Saturday had a really nifty knitting nancy that had a handle. You just keep turning the handle and it does the knitting for you - ingenious!

  3. who'd have thought builders line would look so groovy? and, i go to that oppy all. the. time. we must be neighbors :) sarah

  4. So lovely... love some sprig knitting.