I'VE had a little time away from the 9-5. It's always restorative to take a break, stick your head up, tidy up, sweep away, m...

I'VE had a little time away from the 9-5. It's always restorative to take a break, stick your head up, tidy up, sweep away, make plans, op shop, bake and make. It's even better when the weather is warm, seedlings are pushing their way up through garden beds you prepared at the end of last season and you are taking hems up on skirts you know you're a few weeks away from wearing; white legs and all.

It's a time of year when being outdoors is the best place to be, the very best place. While walking to check on the waratahs I salvaged a gymea seed pod, and seeds, and a long spent waratah seed pod. Look at that form, that design. Nature is a clever lass, isn't she? 

Now don't you fret. I wasn't pilfering from a national park - that would be wrong - but a Girl Guide property, and, if anyone has any hints on propagating gymea seeds, I am all ears.

I love the action of saving seed. There's so much potential in each little capsule. So much energy and new life. I have left the last of autumn's produce in the garden to set seed for next year and watch each day as things flower, bees buzz merrily about and the seeds set.

The symbol of those seeds certainly fits with the season of new this little blog of mine is passing through.

New thing #1: A new baby
New thing #2: New blooms, sprouts and shoes... (there's always shoes).
New thing #3: Ah, that news is to come. There's a reason I've had a wee break from work.

It almost seems a shame to move away from all that's sparkly and new, but in keeping with my monthly "I've Done It" posts, here's a look back over the good things August delivered.

I READ: Nigel Marsh's Fat, Forty and Fired and Susanna De Vries' biography of Daisy Bates titled Desert Queen: The Many Lives and Loves of Daisy Bates
I WENT TO: Work. A lot. Why it seemed like more than usual, I'll never know, because it wasn't, but it did feel like it. Do you have weeks like that?
I LISTENED TO: Can I still count Peter Fitzsimon's book on Charles Kingsford Smith? I have it on my iPod as an audio book and come back to it when I am in the car for long stretches, of which there were a couple this past month.
I ATE: Chicken liver pate made to Margaret Fulton's recipe. I made it as a Father's Day present on the very last day of August and dished a pot up before a family dinner. Most pates are made with a full block of butter but Margaret's is bound with egg and only uses an ounce of butter - a fact I find a small miracle in the heart-attack-in-every-bite world of pate.
I SAW: The most brilliant double rainbow over the Hawkesbury River. There's no photo evidence so you'll have to take my word for it. I like to think it was another symbol of all that's new.
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  1. Everyday I say a silent prayer for the beauty that surrounds me, but I am a person whose eyesnarevwide open, looking for beauty beyond all. Happy spring!

  2. I definitely have weeks that feel longer than others and feel like I am at work and sleep and then just work and sleep and some more work and sleep. hehe! Have a great weekend!

  3. Ohmygoodness, are you a nana??
    Congratulations on that special, special package.
    And springtime and seeds and sunshine are filling my thoughts and days too.
    I hope your week is wonderful x

  4. Those seed pods are LOVELY.

    If #3 piece of news ends up being you pregnant I will be most surprised. But then again, not really. But then again really, after raising for those 4 already. So tell us, will ya?

  5. Saw some news of number 3 elsewhere - congratulations! You're made for it! Hope the role involves better work life balance, I imagine less of a commute is too much to hope for, but hoping for you nonetheless.