I WON'T lie, the thought of a mid-week night out on the town - not even my town - was the last thing I wanted to do last Thursday. ...

I WON'T lie, the thought of a mid-week night out on the town - not even my town - was the last thing I wanted to do last Thursday. Sure, sure. When I said yes it all seemed like a good idea. Fun even. But as the day drew closer and I was packing my bag for a couple of days away from home, suddenly it didn't seem such a good idea.

But, boy, was I wrong. I had such a good night at last week's ABCD Meet-up. A rowdy room of artists, bloggers, creatives and designers, a glass of vino, a kick-arse curry and stimulating conversation were exactly what I needed to drag myself out of a mid-week funk.

And that goodie bag. 

The theme was "sharing" and ABCD'ers shared favourite recipes, their favourite places online (and in real life) and baked treats. My contribution were crochet-edged handkerchiefs pinned with a message: "Do share your happy tears. Don't share your sniffles". I hoped it might match the discussion group I led on the night about what we do and don't share online.

So go on, when faced with a school night out do you saddle up and get amongst it, or do you bail? 

If you live in Sydney, or Brisbane, and haven't been to one, pop over and "like" the ABCD Meet-up Facebook page so you know when the next one comes around. They're usually held in winter and summer. See you there.

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  1. I know what you mean about the mid week going out thing (maybe it's showing my age now) but I find that if I do drag myself out, I end up having a great time.

    Sounded like a great meet up!

  2. aw, I want an ABCD meet up. It sounds dreamy. I think I need to start something like that around here. I get a little crochety about school night activities too and almost always begrudgingly go, but I NEVER regret it!

  3. I love going out midweek and leaving my comfort zone especially in winter. Makes me feel alive and ready for adventures!

    Loving your gorgeous hankie dear Katie, I've been using it to wipe the littles sniffles, so much more comforting than tissues. I must attempt some.


  4. I'm the most likely to bail unless it's something involving wearing ugg boots. But so glad we haul ourselves along to abcd - what a great bunch of girls and you are such a special part of the vibe. x

  5. I was so pleased to meet such a crackernut on a school night at my first ABCD meetup! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and reminiscing the days of GFS...had a great night. Thanks for being part of it and of course for my beautiful hanky!

  6. So glad you made it Kate... and made such a valuable contribution to the discussions. Don't tell anyone, but I think I loved your goodie bag contribution the most. The little note was perfect!