OP shopping has its highs and lows. Some days you go out and... zip. Nothing. Other days, you're rolling in op-shop gold.  I bagg...

OP shopping has its highs and lows. Some days you go out and... zip. Nothing. Other days, you're rolling in op-shop gold. 

I bagged a fair-sized haul last weekend with print linen skirt, broderie anglaise shirt, bead necklace, wooden earrings and leather sandals for a sweet $31 - all from the one op shop. 

Now, think about that. Do a mental calculation and add up what a new shirt, skirt, leather shoes and accessories might cost you at the mall. Even from a budget chain store you'd be up for at least double, if not triple, that and it's more than likely the items would stretch, shrink, unravel, fade or pill after a few washes. The skirt I bought is lined, made of pure cotton and pure linen and washed beautifully. The shirt is cotton and again, with a little soaking, washed up clean and crisp. The leather shoes have barely a scuff mark on them and I've already had complements on the accessories. 

So, had any luck at the op shops? 

Linen skirt: $9, Vinnies
Broderie anglaise shirt: $8, Vinnies
Leather sandals: $10, Vinnies
Bead necklace: $2, Vinnies
Wooden earrings: $2, Vinnies

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  1. Great finds and I'd say they all look gorgeous on together! I never really look at the clothes racks, I always have a good browse in bric 'n' brac, you've inspired me to do some clothes hunting though!

  2. Yes! I'm a keen runner and had been looking about online for a winter running jacket. I ummed and aahed - even the cheapest were $70+, some very pricy. I was fiddling about in our fave op shop in Marrickville and lo and behold an Esprit running jacket, my size. Someone had put it in the men's section. $2. Meant to be!

  3. What a haul! Dare I ask which op-shop this is at? I love the skirt, shoes and necklace, gorgeous!

  4. Bohdana, The Central Coast op shops are a treasure trove of thrifty finds.

  5. I'm currently (unexpectedly) living in the Canadian Rockies and suddenly going to job interviews with only a backpack full of canoeing and hiking road-tripping kind of clothes. So I got an awesome fitted, rusty deep red dress and black heels (both look brand new) for about $7 each. It was a nice confidence boost to have a lady approach me on the street post-interview and tell me I was wearing a beautiful dress 'and wearing it well'. :-)
    Plus the op shop here has a loyalty card! Bliss.