JACLYN, of Little Paper Trees introduced me to Things I’m Afraid to Tell You when she posted about it a month or so ago. As far as I ...

JACLYN, of Little Paper Trees introduced me to Things I’m Afraid to Tell You when she posted about it a month or so ago.

As far as I can tell (and I’m taking Ez, of CreatureComfort’s, word on this) the meme started here  landed here and then took off around the globe.

But why? Why did it take off? After all, it’s just anonymous confessional sharing isn’t it? Come on, it is. We don’t really know each other, do we?

Sure, I’ll ponder how Nan’s getting on or what Sherrin’s making now. But, let’s face it, if you haven’t sat at my dinner table at some point, or I at yours, it’s not exactly inner circle. And, if it were, you’d already have the dirt on me, wouldn’t you?

So what is it? Goodness knows we’ve all, at one time or another, been overwhelmed by an outpouring of support when we’ve written a post in the woe-is-me department, and been buoyed by cheers when there’s cause for celebration. I get it. We’ve each got a little online community of people we just click with (excuse the unintended pun).

But I still don’t understand why here? Why post the very things people will shy away from? Is it safer? Is it more compassionate? Do you care less what we think? It’s not like you’ll be bumping into us on the school run, is it?

Oh, there’s more. I’m curious, and you can tell me to go jump, but are these your dimmest darkest secrets? If you were at my dinner table, would you ‘fess up? Did you always choose “Truth” in Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Kiss, Hug or Torture? Are these things on your CV, do your workmates now them? Come on, help me out here…

Your darkest, dimmest secret: would you tell me? Would you really?
Illustration source: Sophie's Tree, for Illustration Friday

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  1. I think it depends on why you have a blog. I always kept my blog for me so I was never really concerned when nobody commented etc. I generally imply why I'm sad, unsure etc but I do find it quite hard to put really difficult things about my life into my blog. For example stuff about work (huge no no in my books), family health issues that I really can't face in real life, so why would I put it in print? I'm happy reading about people's every day lives and for them it could be their only outlet and also makes me realise that life is not always about Eames chairs, knitting or the how they managed to renovate their kitchen for less than $200. But equally, I'm happy to enjoy as much as people are willing to share. Like real life, I won't pry if you don't want to share.

    As for me, I'm only will only share what I want to read again later.

  2. I've of the school of thought that a blog is definitely not for sharing important or intensely personal stuff. I don't share the very personal/controversial stuff.

    My blog is a poor little neglected thing, but for me it functions as an online journal (as opposed to diary). I use it to remember lovely times I have spent with the kids and an update for family and friends who live far away.

    I am the first to admit I like reading *true* blogs, where the writer does reveal the ins and outs of their life ... but I don't have any inclination (or time!) to turn my blog into anything like that.

    I guess it's all about finding what you're comfortable with?

  3. Hmm, interesting ... yes I saw that meme spread like wildfire, and while it's not my thing to share everything online ... especially my deepest, darkest stuff I did have a thought about why people might.

    Well aside from getting perhaps empathy / support / attention, I thought it might be to have more of a 'warts and all' approach to blogging, because so many blogs seem to present that 'life is perfect' view? Clearly I don't really know, but it is fascinating to think about why some people share more openly online than they would in real life.

  4. Im with you here! for me blogging is a bit of an escape from the 'everyday' and somewhere I like to post lovely images and happy inspirations and things that make me smile! i found Ez's post a little irritating in that she was comparing herself to what appeared to be bloggers that have it all...when Im sure people feel the same when looking at her blog - her creativity is super inspiring!! I guess we are all human and feel insecurities but I would never compare my life to a fine tuned and edited blog.

  5. Hi! I completely agree - I wouldn't share intensely personal things here either. I have my 'real life' friends for that -- even then I tend to keep things to myself. For me, my blog is more of a creative journal. Not a personal journal. It's not 'real life' -- I think to a certain extend most bloggers put a glossy finish on their blogs and blogging persona... besides, who wants to read someones woes all the time...

    BTW- love the image you've chosen to use here.