ARE you enjoying these sunny autumn days? They're perfect for road-tripping don't you think? We've spent a couple of weeken...

ARE you enjoying these sunny autumn days? They're perfect for road-tripping don't you think?

We've spent a couple of weekends recently visiting old stomping grounds and going on long drives, one of them through the hinterland of the NSW Central Coast, through wine country and out to the Central West through the Bylong Valley - with Goulburn River National Park on one side of the road and Wollemi National Park on the other.

It's nice to get off the beaten track, see things you've never seen before, dream about places you might like to live and how you'd live there.

On all of our adventures we've come across motorcycle clubs enjoying the camaraderie of being on the road, or pulled up at coffee stops sipping their lattes and short blacks in the sun.

My Dad rides motorcycles. Has done for ever and a day. In fact, he's such a fan of the road trip he penned a book about his rides around the NSW Southern Highlands, almost all of them ending with a stop for coffee.

EDITED: His book Short Black: Short Rides on a Black Bike is sold out.

If you're not one for road-tripping, maybe you'd like a virtual turn around the interwebs instead. Here's a few of my recent Pinterest pins for your pinning pleasure. 

Happy travels.

THINGS TO COOK AND EAT: How decadent can a slice be? Condensed milk AND peanut butter.
THINGS TO HANG ON THE WALL: Lara, of Ink & Spindle fame, has excelled herself with these floral prints.
THINGS TO DROP ON: Arounna, of Bookhou at Home, makes drop cloth clutches. I like. I do. Pity they sell out as soon as she posts them to her shop. 
THINGS TO MAKE AND DO: I spied these knitted loafers but it’s been hard to track down the original. This is the closest I got.

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  1. Such a road tripper myself, as you say this is the weather for it. Love to dress warmly, a colouful scarf around my neck, clear blue skies and crisp air. Here's to your Dad's book, How proud are you?

  2. Your Dad's book looks fab! And you must stalk Arounna's shop next time she has those drop cloth pouches available. I did - amazingly the time difference was in my favour! While I didn't get my first pick, I did get one!

  3. How delightful that your dad has a motorcycle book. How I would love to be on the back of a bike in your part of the world right now!

  4. Hi, I borrowed a copy of your Dads book (Short Black ...short ride on a black bike) and would like to get a copy of my own but cant find a copy in Qld , can you help me with that ?