ARE we bloggers tuned to think the same things at the same time, or is just because you’re thinking about it, you tend to mentally bo...

ARE we bloggers tuned to think the same things at the same time, or is just because you’re thinking about it, you tend to mentally bookmark the posts that resonate with some inner dialogue?

This week Suse, of Pea Soup; Bron, of Maxabella Loves; and, Leonie, of Cuppa and Cake, all posted about work/life balance. No moaning or groaning, just their reflections on the subject of being, or, in Bron's case, no longer being, a working mum.

I'm a working parent but, hell, let me say there are some days I just wish I wasn't. I mean, don’t we all? And I don't mean just the working part, Lord knows there are some days I could happily ditch the parent bit. I'd go as far as saying it's crossed my mind the couple thing may have worn a bit thin too.

I know of myself I do everything at full speed and have high expectations of both myself and the people around me. So, like anything going flat out, the wheels get up a speed wobble and if the brakes aren't applied the wheels fall off.

Long story short, I applied the brakes and unplugged myself from the family routine this week to house sit for a friend. And, honestly, I am a danger to myself sometimes because the minute I said I'd do it, I almost rang my very generous friend back – a woman willing to give me the run of her house – to withdraw. I instantly felt guilty and selfish about being absent from my family and started dragging out calendars with appointments and dates of things I had to do and wondered how I'd make it all work.

With the help of my partner it has kind of worked and even where it hasn't, it's cleared a little head space to think about how I live my life as me, as a working woman, as a parent and a partner. Oh, and Amy's post on Sweet, Sweet Life helped get things in perspective too.

I imagine there are times you're looking for answers or new ideas and if you're open to them, the right ones seem to settle on you.  Or maybe it's that you settle on them. I'm not sure. Either way, with a little time away and a few bloggy pearls of wisdom, I feel lighter and things brighter.

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  1. My recent musings haven't been about work/life/balance (no kids, just an overgrown veggie patch), but what I want in a career. Do we really need 2 stressed out, corporate types in one household?

    I'm thinking not. I might just be as happy making coffees for stressed out corporate types.

    I think about it every day.

  2. Go!! get some good books and enjoy!!

    Oh...and thanks for the link. You can link me anytime, it didn't hurt a bit. xx

  3. Sometimes, I feel like curling up on my staircase and having a cry. I look after my grandson, Rowan four days a week. In between, I snatch little bits of time to design, cut, make samples etc for my clothing range. I also own and run a well established LDC. I have worked in the centre for sixteen years, and can you believe it, we are now fully booked for next year. I would love to sell the LDC, and just poodlle around with Rowan and spend more time on Rowantree Design. Just recently, I began the beach house makeover, I must be crazy, but like you, i love pushing myself, scared that i might miss out on something? I dont cry for long on the steps, i don,t usually tell people Im stretched...Its just me and its just what i am all about. Take the time out, enjoy!

  4. I've been thinking a lot about work and I sometimes just can't figure out who decided five days a week was a good idea, and why everyone else went along with it. Where was the evidence base for that?

    I read an article recently (I apologise, can't remember where) about a company that chose to decrease most employees' hours by one day a week rather than make a number of full-time redundancies. Employee satisfaction and productivity increased (how you can put a percentage on this I don't know, but) something like 15 per cent.

    I'm at the start of my career, and I sometimes look at the options for work/life balance we have laid out and think there really must be a better way. Good on you for taking an active pause to consider it. It's hard to ignore the guilt bug even when it's the best solution right then and there.

    P.S. Nice pic!

  5. Love it. And your blog! Glad I found you!

  6. Ah, that ol' speed wobble. Know it well. In fact I think I'm just getting better at being on permanent speed wobble. Here's to head space. And perspective. And breathing space.

  7. Great post... and I hear you on how house sitting for someone can help you look at life from a new perspective. Even if it's in the same city, and you're still getting on with a lot of the usual work, it can be a wonderful way to just see life a little differently, and see what you'd like to do differently in the future.

    Glad you got to have a little house sitting mini break. Here's to those lessons sticking around!

  8. I'm so glad you visited my blog and now I know about yours! This post really resonated with me. I too struggle with the juggling act of work, mom, wife, artist, etc. My husband and I both work and lately I am wondering if that is really for the best. I feel like our home is just another office with all its deadlines, responsibilities and jammed up machines that need fixing. The additional income is nice, but could we have a truly happier life with less? hmmm.

  9. It's funny as us blogger's get the best ideas when we aren't blogging usually. We will be walking to get grocery's and then suddenly we come up with a great idea for a blog post.