So, it’s October 3 and I’ve already failed the Buy Nothing New Month challenge. Don't blame me, blame the gorgeous Souvenir dress ...

So, it’s October 3 and I’ve already failed the Buy Nothing New Month challenge. Don't blame me, blame the gorgeous Souvenir dress calling me from a rack at Everleigh Artisan Markets on Sunday. That and charity fatigue.

Go on, surely I can't be the only one suffering charity fatigue. Every time I turn a page in a magazine or scroll down my Facebook news feed, someone's spruiking some new worthy charity. I can't keep up.

It's World Food Day on October 16 and to team with the theme Australian Red Cross has its Big Cake Bake on October 14. A few days later, on October 17, you can host a Food for Thought dinner, supporting Opportunity International's efforts on the international day for the eradication of poverty. 

If you wish to be kosher about the whole World Food Day thing, Oxfam is asking restaurants and their diners to Shout the HornIf your local's not part of the action, Oxfam has another aligned initiative, Gather to Grow, supporting sustainable solutions for small-scale producers. If that's not enough, Australian Good Taste is the sponsor for the 1000 Plates Project and publisher Fairfax is backing UNICEF project Bread for Good.

If you’re not yet feeling guilty about every morsel you stuff into your overfed mouth, then start worrying about your wardrobe.

Loud Shirt Day is on October 21, supporting First Voice deliver language therapy services to deaf and hearing impaired children. Frocktober is raising fund for ovarian cancer research and Do It In a Dress is raising funds for One Girl, which supports the education of impoverished girls.

Another organisation doing similar work - sans charity event - is The Girl Effect. Heard of it? I've used The Girl Effects fabulous videos when teaching Girl Guides about advocacy and I defy anyone who watches this video not to feel upbeat about the possibilities of acting for change. Yes, yes, I know. That includes me. I've got to get over my charity fatigue and jump back on the bandwagon. Give what you can, do what you can. Girl Guides make a Promise, you know. It starts with... I promise to do my best. So go on, what are you waiting for? Pick your charity poison and sign up before the month of giving ends and the silly season has us in its grip.

Oh, before you start registering for one, or more of the listed events, here's one more: Global Handwashing Day is on October 15. Would I lie? Only a Girl Guide could possibly know about these obscure, yet so breathtakingly simple and important, international initiatives. The Global Soap Project is one way you can help.

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  1. This saving-the-world business is popular these days, ain't it?
    I picked my poison as buy nothing new, and like you, nearly lost it on day 3! But shall try to hang in there for a bit longer.
    But that's all I can do... not signing up for anything else (this month, anyway).

  2. I'm definitely suffering charity fatigue... I just can't say yes and give to everything. It's impossible.

  3. I find the month long events a bit fatiguing. All the Ocsober, Frocktober bizzo. I like to just choose four charities that tick different worthy boxes and give them a lump sum at the start of the year, then save the same amount for one disaster relief fund for that year. That helps to assuage my giving guilt when I don't give to each notable day.

  4. I also made a Buy Nothing New Month boo-boo (already), but I am determined to stay purchase-free for the rest of the month. You can do it!