JEN Sheridan, of Through Lemongrass Eyes , is what I like to call a "hearty" blogger. Hearty as in "a good hearty soup",...

JEN Sheridan, of Through Lemongrass Eyes, is what I like to call a "hearty" blogger. Hearty as in "a good hearty soup", and hearty as in "plenty of heart" too. Whenever Jen posts something new on her blog it's always got grit, is real, is inspiring and is just, well, Jen.

Q... What's the inspiration behind your blog name, Through Lemongrass Eyes? 
A... I'd been letting the idea of writing a blog percolate for a while. All the cheesy puns using my name had been taken and at the time, I was working in an outdoor gear store. My friends and I had been laughing at the ridiculous names assigned to product colours. It seemed they were always Nomad, Storm, or Canyon Rose where blue, steel blue and siena would probably do. As we sat having a beer one afternoon, one of my friends remarked my eyes were the same colour as a shirt in stock. "Your eyes are the exact same green as that shirt," they said, to which I replied, "I believe you mean Lemongrass". We agreed Lemongrass Eyes would be a great band name, or a blog name, I quietly thought. It seemed to sum up my blog - a look at the world through my eyes - with a hint at plants and food.

Q... Who designed your blog header? 
A... I use a photo with a little text for my header, which I haven't yet changed from day one. I wanted something lush and green and at the time the spoon lily plant shown was the only thing growing in the garden of the rental house I was living in so it was the default option.

Q... Do you have a design tip for new bloggers? 
A... Make it easy for your reader. If I have to read a difficult font I'll never move beyond Google Reader to the actual blog. Choose a few basic rules about spacing that you try to stick to so it looks regular and even. Have an archive and tags so new arrivals at your blog can peruse your back posts and get an idea of who you are and your story up to that point. i like blogs that help you understand the author's recurring themes, whether by way of a summary in the profile or blog header, or a list of tags. And the one tip I wish I could follow but don't seem able to: take good photos.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Kate, I'm stoked to be included in the mix of blogs you've been profiling. I feel rather bashful when I think of the company I'm keeping in this series.

  2. Great post Katie. I really enjoyed it. : )