I AM a relatively new reader of Denise's blog Grrl+Dog . You know the blogs that you stumble upon and they resonate straight away? Denis...

I AM a relatively new reader of Denise's blog Grrl+Dog. You know the blogs that you stumble upon and they resonate straight away? Denise's blog was like that. In fact, one of the first posts of Denise's I read was not from that long ago and was a homage, photos and words, to a special woman in her life and to women, salt of the earth women, everywhere - or at least that's how I read it. This particular post also starts with a shout out to another fabulous blogger and blogging inspiration, Pia Jane Bijkerk.

 So, without further ado, I introduce Grrl+Dog.

Q... What's the inspiration behind your blog's name, Grrl+dog? 
A... I love my dog. We scrounge stuff together. Simple. And four years ago stsrtingout on this new fangled blog idea, I had NO idea. So I kept it simple, and personal. And looking around, I see that's pretty much how others have done it.

Q... Who designed your blog header and how did you come to decide what images or graphics best suited your blog? 
A... Designed? Well thank you. I pick an image I like from my stuff and plonk a name on it. Not very tricky, though there seems to be a big trend for diptyches and triptychs at the moment. I change it when I get bored. The images reflect my work or a feel, which at the moment is all about using old fabric from the 1930s to make these primitive frayed hand stitched softies. So, of course, there had to be a softie there... and a dog.

Q... Do you have a design tip for new bloggers? 
A... The "less is more" rule is a good one so is the KISS (Keep it simple) principle. It's tempting to decorate your new blog with all the toys they offer and maybe that is part of being a novice blogger. Take a look at the blogs you love and see what makes them work, design-wise. Most people visit blogs for the good eye candy.

Denise, like me, was curious about what her readers did and didn't like about blogs and though she posed her question differently, the answers she got back were interesting because they talked of design - things like big photos versus small photos and blog add-ons. Take a look at Denise's wrap-up of the answers to her own questions.

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  1. Denise is a GOOD EGG. She blogs with chutzpah and straight talking and heart and for me, her work has a beautiful whimsy.

    (Course, I was tempted to comment with: "AWESOME!" But I didn't dare...)

  2. bah ha ha hahaha!


    thanks for teh cool interview - I love the design of your yout tweiiter/facebook links too. They blend with your style.

  3. Wow! I just had a visit to grrl + dogs wonderful blog - so much goodness to be found. I will be trying my hand at making those paper mache toad stools soon.