FOUR LEAVES , is one of my blogging constants. Julie's blog has been there in my sidebar pretty much from day dot and for years we'v...

FOUR LEAVES, is one of my blogging constants. Julie's blog has been there in my sidebar pretty much from day dot and for years we've shared our lives by way of a string of comments on each others blog, not ever really caring to let the rest of the commenting crowd in on the background of our ongoing dialogue. It's been an easy blogging relationship. With Julie, you can pick your comfy cushion, whack on the kettle and let it all hang out.

Q... What's the inspiration behind your blog's name, Four Leaves?
A... I walk a bit and on my way I often pick up fallen leaves and seedpods so I think part of the inspiration for the name Four Leaves comes from this daily activity. There are also four of us in our little family and I guess I have sometimes thought of us as four leaves blowing in the breeze, never quite sure where the day will take us.

Q... Who designed your blog header?
A... My headers are usually one of my own photos with simple text over the top. I don't have Adobe Photoshop and make these in Flickr using the Picnik photo editing tool. I do struggle with the theme of the headers. I don't want them to be a statement about what Four Leaves is about because what I see, how I feel and what I post about changes all the time. I change the headers every now and then but I soon switch back to my old dress on the hanger. I like this header because of its simplicity and because I remember clearly the day I took the photo - it was warm and the door the dress hangs on had been painted the day before. I still remember the fresh smell of paint mixed with spring.

Q... Do you have a design tip for new bloggers?
A... The general theme, for me, is to keep it simple. At different times I have added site counters and various widgets. I have also, along the way, turned my blog into a three column template and back to two columns. In the end I think simple works best for me. My life if often busier than I would like and my blog is a little space where everything is where it should be and just as I like it.

Four Leaves blog
Four Leaves Flickr
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  1. Thank you for this. I especially like the idea of a blog as a space where everything is in order. As I sit here surrounded by domestic chaos, that notion really speaks to me! x

  2. Julie's blog is gorgeous. Thanks for introducing me to Four Leaves. I love the inspiration behind her blog! x

  3. I absolutely adore Julie and her beautiful, peaceful blog so nice to see your interview!x