THREE days off. I know everyone else has five. Don't start with me. I was going the way of being grateful for three. If I am super luck...

THREE days off. I know everyone else has five. Don't start with me. I was going the way of being grateful for three. If I am super lucky my lapsed, and now renewed, subscription to Dumbo Feather will arrive in the mail today and I'll be able to curl up in this glorious autumn sunshine and catch up on a little reading.

A new mag subscription means old ones have to go and I have a stack of Mixtape zines to send on to a lucky crafter, or two. Just pop by my Facebook page and post a link on the wall to a fab online craft tutorial or idea I can add to my "Things to Make and Do" Pinterest board. Are you on Pinterest?

I've got the full set of Mixtape zines but if you're just after one to finish your set let me know. I'm happy to share the love and will do my best to hand the lot over to one super keen Mixtape fan or to lovely craft-sters who have gaps to fill.

Oh, and I've heard about an underground craft club soon to launch in Sydney. It's been described to me as an inner-west alternative kinda craftin' scene. Who's excited?

If you have time to be online this long weekend, or the inclinaton, pop by and vote for Australia's best blogs, as hosted by the Sydney Writers' Centre. I've voted for Curlypops, Daily Imprint, Gary Pepper Vintage, Girl With A Satchel, Her Library Adventures, Maxabella Loves, Meet Me At Mikes, Op Shop Diva, pottymouthmama, Strawberry Communications and Tsk Tsk.

And you can vote for me too, if you like. Clickety click on the button below.

People's Choice Award

Happy Easter, long weekend, or whatever you're doin' right now.

Ooops, my Facebook wall was locking crafty peeps out. It's open for your links now.
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  1. You got my vote and I have left a craft idea for you on faceback. Have a great Easter.

  2. There's a best Oz blogs comp? Man, which rock have I been hiding under? I'm voting for you, for sure!
    The underground crafty business sounds fun. especially as I may soon be moving back to the inner west hood - hurrah!

  3. Yah! I've voted for you... and I may have voted twice with two separate email addresses. Ssssshhh don't tell anyone!
    Off to your find your facebook page. I didn't realise you were over there too.

  4. Best of luck with the competition! I popped my vote in for you! :)

  5. don't tempt me to join facebook, but i might just have a vote for you, i love reading your blog, i have writers jealousy.

    shame your saturday weather wasn't good, it didn't turn bad till monday morning at wanda beach, port stephens.
    the bay is great swimming, although a bit weedy for my liking.

  6. You're gorgeous and I missed this post. Sorry! Thank you for voting for me. That Biker Guy had the whole thing sewn up, but at least we tried, right!?! x