HOW hot was it yesterday? Hot. Sticky, sweaty, burny hot. So what did I do? I spent six hours in the garden and have the tan marks to prove...

HOW hot was it yesterday? Hot. Sticky, sweaty, burny hot. So what did I do? I spent six hours in the garden and have the tan marks to prove it. You can spot gardeners. Their tan lines stop where their boots and gardening gloves start.

I saw this woven thing-a-me-jig on Gardening Australia on Saturday night and used the prunings from a hibiscus to weave my version of it - a fence-like contraption I plan to grow things over. Cost me nothing but my time and a wee bit of heat stroke.

Gardening Australia is on Twitter. That's cute, right?

And what about my new trug? I hauled it out of a council clean up. I know, I know, I am one of those people. Hey, cost me nothing save a police profile and neighbours who pull down their blinds and slam their doors when I walk past.
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  1. Man alive I wish I'd read this post earlier!

    I saw the episode of gardening Australia and dismissed it thinking that I wouldn't have any sticks in my garden that would be suitable.

    What do you think I did this afternoon?
    You guessed it, pruned my hibiscus.
    But not in long, weave-worthy canes, in little angry snips [I'd just had 'words' with Cpt. V].

    Moral of the story, don't snip in fury and read Katie's blog before gardening!

    Felicity x

  2. Now that is a basket worth stopping for. I've been really lucky on the basket front too with my dear oppy lady handing them across to me for a dollar and the other for fifty cents when the boss wasn't watching. Must try to get some photos of them. Cherrie

  3. Why would anyone throw away such a lovely basket? Well saved I say and that woven thingamajig is a beauty. I would never have thought of using off cuts from the garden to make something so beautiful and useful.

  4. Haha ... you're such a witty story-teller! :)

    I love the basket - it's so worth unsettling the neighbours and getting an official police file! ;)

    Just look at your amazing woven work!?! ... you are a brave and talented soul indeed to produce such loveliness in such scorching heat.

    ... I thought of you as I sipped an icy cold lemon lime and bitters in the shade! ;)

  5. What a lovely post Katie....I'm obsessed with baskets...have tons.....some really old ones and can't understand anyone actually throwing yours away.....but I bet you're glad they did.

    I love you're woven fence I had a go a couple of years ago around our little vegetable patch but had totally forgotten about it...thanks for reminding me Katie I'll have a go again this year.

  6. Nice one!. I have a penchant for a good weave. I have them in cupboards, on top of cupboards, under tables, you get the picture :)

  7. i would have taken it too! love a good verge side score. used to once fossick under the cover of darkness, but now i'm completely shameless x