OH for a parent committee like the one in the manual. Girl Guides goes back this week and I am a bit worried. I need help. I need more hour...

OH for a parent committee like the one in the manual. Girl Guides goes back this week and I am a bit worried. I need help. I need more hours in my day. The leader I work with is 20 and heading off to the big smoke soon and no one seems to want her job. What? Why wouldn't you? We pay nothing, you put in extraordinary hours and give up a fair chunk of your weekends. There are perks, it's just I am having trouble thinking of them. It'll be good. I am sure it will be. We just need to get our committee of two - soon to be one - back into the swing of things.

Hang on, I just looked and my manual seems out of date ... 

And back in katiecrackernutsland...

Caz, of Bird with the Golden Seed, alerted me to Margaret's iPhone app. No more asking what Margaret would do, we can just look it up.

Lexi, of Pottymouthmama, spied Margaret out and about doing the shopping last month and pointed out, for such a powerhouse of Australia's culinary world, how small she is. She is small. I met her at a Girl Guide do last year. Yup, too true, Margaret was a Girl Guide. How uber cool is that... hmmm, maybe not so...

Tracey, of Quiet Paws, and Julie, of Four Leaves, have been coveting the same yellow Saltwater sandals as me. Well girls, I went ahead and bought 'em and love 'em and so will you.
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  1. I looked up the saltwater sandals - hope you got 'em direct from the states & saved yourselves a bundle - and I love to know how comfortable they are for lots of walking - I couldn't tell if they had any arch support (can't you tell how old I am here?)...

  2. Sorry, that should read "I *would* love to know... old age, infirmity, fallen arches... I've got the lot.

  3. i have been looking for a red pair, i think i just need to go ahead and make the purchase while there's still plenty of warm weather ahead :)

  4. Of course Margaret is small. Short even. She always reminds me of my nanna Eunice. Stout even. And WONDERFUL.

  5. Margaret has an iPhone app?!?! Wow - she's seriously impressive ... I bet she's probably all over that twitter thing too?! ;)

    Oh my, why do you keep tempting me with those lovely yellow sandals? ;)

    ... you may or may not have just about pushed me over the edge into a purchase ... let's see how much willpower I have! :)

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  7. You are too cool. I am going to try the Salties. I will ask Hayley to let me try them for size. I need a pair. It's official.