WEEKENDS are busy. They're the only time I get to squeeze in all the things normal people do during their lunch hours or evenings. I wo...

WEEKENDS are busy. They're the only time I get to squeeze in all the things normal people do during their lunch hours or evenings. I worked a full week of meetings and heavy executive stuff, then juggled extra hours on Saturday and Sunday. I then backed up with another full week - working most of my lunch breaks - to keep on top of the load. So this weekend has been a game of catch up. A truncated game at that because weeks ago I booked myself into a friend's screenprinting workshop. She wanted to get back into running workshops from her studio and I wanted to book a block of creative play time.

The two prints above were what I managed to pull alonsgide some much needed chatting, communal eating and more chatting ... you get the drift.

It was lovely and well worth a frantic Saturday - so frantic I had a brain fritz mid afternoon. I know. I know. Heat, exhaustion and an overloaded schedule equalled meltdown. Hayley, of Little Pinwheel, admitted this week in a post to her own meltdown and yesterday I knew just what she meant. So, like, Hayley, I admitted defeat and just plodded through the making of a meal, packing my bag for today's workshop and the usual of shower, teeth and bed.

It worked. Today things seemed more calm. My mind seemed more open and, despite the niggles of a summer flu coming on - yes, yes, my body is giving me more than a gentle nudge - I started plotting a couple of creative projects. I'm going to need your help though. I'm keeping a list of things I need to source online and over the next few posts will ask for your tips on where you order your craft supplies from. I'm after macrame cord, sewing patterns, screen printing gear ... oh it's going to be good.
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  1. I tend to get carried away with the chatting at those things, but can imagine the fun you had.
    Great colours.

  2. Screen print workshop envy. What a great thing to do after such a frazzling week. Love the results too.

  3. oh yes, art as therapy works for me!
    yeah how weird was that post - robot or what?

  4. Breathe, woman!

    I have little doubt whatsoever that unleashing you on macrame cord is going to lead to something AMAZING.

    Now breathe!

    (sorry, being really bossy today)

  5. wow, what a week. Great screenprints! Macrame cord, i will ask around.

  6. Oh yes! You are surely a busy person by the sounds of things! Love your therapy though - I totally approve of art as therapy! It works a treat for me too!