IMITATION is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery so I am following Pip’s lead . and think you should do. In my head there is a t...

IMITATION is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery so I am following Pip’s lead. and think you should do. In my head there is a tune, maybe something festive. Do play along – tune or no tune.

I need more time.
My hair was cut last week.
Pressies are done, not wrapped.
I need to buy a fridge .
And want to make gingerbread but
know I’ll be the only one to eat the LOT.
I have one more decoration to stitch.
And want the dependents to stop
watching DVDs at cinema volume
of their own accord.
I gave a six-pack to the fella who mows
He said VB was his brew.
There have been fights, not in a laneway,
in our house. That happens.
The teen got his school certificate.
Bed linen is mostly unwashed.
I gave up washing the dependents’ sheets this year.
I am paid weekly. Bless.
I think I heard Claire Bowditch on the wireless yesterday.
I ate breakfast at 5.30am and now want fruit toast.
I've been meaning to post about the Things You've Been Meaning To Do
I don’t know what angel chimes are.
I have been thinking about a pedicure – I’ve never had one.
There are always newspapers.
Nope. No chickens here either.
Nor vintage wallpaper.
And I like them too.
We have a dog and a banana tree.
Walls. Check.
Sore feet. Check. Sore neck. Check.
I don’t like Japanese food but then
I don’t know whether I’ve really tried it.
I want yellow SaltWater sandals.
I can’t fill a mug of tea to the top because I’ll spill it.
I hate answering my phone. Don’t phone. I’ll call you.
All out of work lunch ideas.
I have a diary of good ideas.
I have booked flights for a Melbourne holiday in March.
I thought I’d buy Frankie for the train trip home.
I am watching Ashes to Ashes season two.
Now I am done playing with Pip’s list and
hand it over to you.
Image source: Joannane Borsky, 
of The Things You've Been Meaning To Do,
as seen on Kickcan and Conkers

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  1. Ooh I love your list! We are totally perfect, aren't we?! Yes we are! Have a completely great festive season and enjoy the wins and the fights and the wine and the (blanket) forts. xxx pip

  2. I loved your list! So I took your advice and wrote one too :) Merry Christmas x

  3. Oh Miss Snow. You are so sweet. I tried to click on your blog to say hello but maybe you don't have one. Hello.
    Pip, wine yes. Blanket forts - it's a little hot for them but I'll give it a burl.

  4. Sorry, I do:

  5. I've copied you copying Pip. My life does appear to be perfect.

  6. I loved reading your list (and enjoyed it just as much as I did reading Pip's delightful post).

    My pressies are done too ... but also waiting to be wrapped up. I've never had a pedicure, but would like one.

    How exciting to have a Melbourne holiday planned ... I love it there! :)

  7. wishing you a wonderful Christmas holiday... I'd like a pair of Saltwater sandals too.. here's to enjoying the subtleties of Japanese food in 2011 :) x