DO you remember the RayBan sunglasses I picked up at an op shop for $2? One of street-style photographer and blogger Garance Dore's su...

DO you remember the RayBan sunglasses I picked up at an op shop for $2? One of street-style photographer and blogger Garance Dore's subjects, Lolita, was snapped wearing something similar. Oooh, la, la. I suddenly felt a small part of da in crowd when I saw it.

Are you all going crazy with the Christmas countdown? I'm almost done with the gifts, have a little stitching left to do and will next weekend put the tree up. I have to say I am already over tacky store Christmas carols - and worse, anthems. What's with the celebrities belting out Christmas themed tunes? Ai, yi, yi. Thank goodness my shopping's done. I am thrilled to be done with those kind of crowds.

Now, couple of quickies. Do you read Heather's blog. I do. I think, like me, Heather has a thing for 1970s stoneware mugs.

And this is what I am making this week. Martha Stewart's pin-up wreath found on Creature Comfort.
Image source: Garance Dore

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  1. I just can't begin to imagine what it would be like to have done with the Christmas shopping and it NOT EVEN TO BE DECEMBER. I think I want to be you.

  2. We only have to buy for the two littlest kids, everybody else gets $10 kris kringle & I'm giving the nephew-in-law a book called "How did they die and where are they buried?"

    Nothing handmade to be delivered, thank goodness - except for three individual ornament-ettes for My Best Friend and her kidlets. Still to be designed. Ouch.

    I want to be you too. Help!

  3. I had a similar sunglasses experience! I started wearing a pair of my grandmother's that I found in my parents' glovebox, and a week later someone posted about how much they were lusting after a Marc Jacob's pair that looked just like mine. I was pretty chuffed!
    Can't believe you're almost done with presents - I haven't even started considering them!

  4. i can't believe you are almost finished your christmas shopping, i headed to the shops yesterday and they are busy.

    exciting about your illustrations!!

  5. You're almost done with the gifts!!!?
    what are your tips - or should i have gone on YOUR op shop tour?

  6. ahh it's good to be back! I haven't even bought one present yet and am starting to feel a bit tense about it. Love the ray bans and that gorgeous picture. I am a huge fan of skinny laminx and stone mugs - I recall we also share a love for made in japan cup ware too.

  7. I just had to come and see your blog when I read your name on Kootoyoo's comments! I am one of those who don't really like to think seriously about Christmas 'til Dec. but saying that have made a few aprons this year for the female rellies. '70s stone mugs...reminds me of a grungy time in my life!..maybe I could reconsider if I saw your never know!

  8. you are the Op-Shop queen!! me..not so good when it comes to thrifty clothes, i do well with the books always lucky with those!!