I HAVEN’T shared op-shop finds for so long. I think I need to keep a list of them somewhere. This year’s mission to draw each op-shop find ...

I HAVEN’T shared op-shop finds for so long. I think I need to keep a list of them somewhere. This year’s mission to draw each op-shop find is waning and I need a dedicated push to get on top of it. It’ll be good when I’m done ... I promise.

There are a couple of note-worthy events and initiatives to post about and I do need a good boot up the rear for not posting them earlier. You've no doubt seen them all by now.

No.1 on the list being a collaboration between Red Cross stores and Country Road. The plan is to encourage wearers of the Country Road label to donate unworn garments to Red Cross for a $10 Country Road voucher to spend on new clothing. It’s win-win in my book because while ducking in to drop off Country Road branded gear to the op shop, consumers will hopefully pop other good quality garments in the charity bag as well.

And with Inside Retailing suggesting a good proportion of the 80 million to 100 million tonnes of textiles donated to charity stores in Australia each year is unable to be resold, the program will also raise awareness of the amount of textile waste going to landfill by default.

It’s the same in America, where a new initiative will hopefully make hand-me-downs a habit.

And, if you’re already in the habit of handing your unused articles of clothing on, you’ll no doubt already know about the Oxfam Exchange for Change event at Carriageworks on Saturday. I’ve checked my dairy and have something else on that day, but oh man, oh man, if that commitment is cancelled, I’ll be there with bells on.

In the meantime, I'll just have to enjoy my $6 - yes, $6 - desert boots. Did I mention they were $6? In my size, and $6.

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  1. did you say $6..no way, well spent there my dear.
    good to hear about these great causes popping along & helping but also encouraging people to shop at opshops (better items!)..like I need a reason!

  2. I so lament passing on my op-shop desert boots. I've bought so many brilliant op-shop shoes over the years, only to re-donate them back again a few years later when my taste changed... only to have my taste change back and regret ever getting rid of them. Oh well, hopefully someone else is loving them now :)

    Yours are brilliant! Don't ever let them go.

  3. if you're ever in Santa Cruz California I am taking you to the baragin barn. you pay $1 for the pound of clothes. It's amazing.

  4. Cute Boots... GREAT price!

    Thanks for sharing the info on the Country Road/Red Cross Collaboration, and the Oxfam Exchange. I feel like I drop off the planet for a bit and have missed such news... thankfully you and blogland are filling me in!

    Hope you having a fabulous week... and that your 21 year old has made up for Sunday night.

  5. Good find! I was rushing past Red Cross yesterday and noticed something about Country Road but didn't have time to read about it properly. But how many CR customers would buy something and NOT wear it? Does it have to be UNWORN CR stuff? If I were spending $50 or however much even a basic item costs at CR I would make sure I'd actually wear it ($50 would buy about two OUTFITS for me usually!!)

  6. Love the boots. I think the best bargain of late has been by my friend - she got a pair of Camper boots, gorgeous brown with magenta lining and in perfect condition for $7.00. And it was in Gosford!

    Where are you working now?