IT'S true. A lot of what I wear is second hand, but not everything. About 90 per cent * is, leaving 10 per cent wide open for new thin...

IT'S true. A lot of what I wear is second hand, but not everything. About 90 per cent* is, leaving 10 per cent wide open for new things, like a Country Road woollen cardi bought for 30 per cent off last week.

If I was to spend coin on new clothes, I’d like, really like, to own this purple Dress Up jacket, first spied by Kat and posted on her Stylelines blog.

What are you longing to add to your winter wardrobe? Better yet, what are you keeping an eye out for at op-shops. Tell me and I'll keep an eye out too. I've been hunting down Jenny Kee's Flamingo Park jumpers. I don't expect to find one but, come on, everyone's got an op-shop holy grail.

* You can’t count underwear in those stats. I don’t buy that second hand.

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  1. I love sales! I barely ever buy myself anything full-priced, I am the queen of being in stores on the day they dump all the sale stuff on a rack and put up a sign saying "Take an ADDITIONAL 75% off the already reduced price" - my favourite words in the world :-)

  2. My husband always says that sale signs are really "come in Michelle" signs. But I have never paid full price for anything so technically I have saved us thousands over the years. :) If you see the perfect emerald green jacket let me know.

  3. love the jacket
    enjoy shopping

  4. Oh dear I just have spied the most beautiful wool alpaca cabled sweater dress from standard issue (nz designers, marked as a sweater but long enough to wear as a tunic if your 5, 2") - the sweater has a mix of cables running along the front and pack panels intermixed with a knitted cheque pattern, it's striking and subdued and I would wear forever. It gave me a strong strong case of the wanties, but (un)luckily for me they didn't have my size...there is another store in town that stocks them as's pricey, a bajillions times more than my opshop lambswool sweaters but mouthwateringly on trend and gorgeous, sometimes new does also pull at the heartstrings as much as vintage xx Nadia

  5. I'm after a nice bright new scarf. :)

    Man I need to call my Uncle, all I remember him ever wearing was Jenny Kee jumpers! ;)

  6. AnonymousMay 25, 2010

    I'm not into fashion as much as I used to be ... not since having had a baby anyway. But this does bring back memories of days when I loved fashion! I buy mostly thrift clothes as well, more than 90 percent now, but I do love a good find at Patagonia, the ever practical store. If I really had money to blow and now worry about practicality, I'd shop at Anthropologie.

  7. there are sales everywhere! Retail seems to be doing it hard...i wish I had your skill in finding 2nd hand clothes - i go in and get kinda lost and find my way over to the books/bricbrac section...

  8. yeah, love a good oppie trip and also wear about 90% thrifted but must draw the line at underwear & opaques.
    i do love those red clearance signs though & feel guilty if I were to buy anything full price.