ARE you the kind of person who forges a sentimental attachment to things? I would have thought I was but when asked by Ruth, of Precious Th...

ARE you the kind of person who forges a sentimental attachment to things? I would have thought I was but when asked by Ruth, of Precious Things, to wax lyrical about an object in my life, I found it hard to name one that held special meaning. My partner and I even spent a dinner nattering over the issue and came to the conclusion that while I gathered things that appealed to me, I was equally happy to pass them back into circulation – it’s the op shopper in me.

In fact, the op shopper in me is getting ever more selective about the things I do bring home. A full day of op shopping in Sydney last month with Jess and Rachel, of the Melbourne Op Shop Tours, and I brought home only three new wardrobe items. Once upon a time, if it fit, I’d have bought it. This ‘80s-inspired knit was one of my picks and I have a jacket and Cue dress still to show off.

But back to Ruth. I did finally settle on one thing for the series of interviews Ruth is putting together. Take a squiz ... none was more surprised than me that it wasn’t something bought from an op shop.

What thing would you have chosen if it was to be immortalised in someone else’s interview series?

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  1. I must admit I am a bit of a hoarder. But eventually when the walls start to close in on me because I'm surround by too much stuff collected from op shop ventures, I crack and proceed to donate everything back to the op shops. Well, not everything but most.

    My most sentimental attachment is to a little gold signet ring I found in the back of my Mum's at-the-time boyfriends station wagon. I was six years old and the ring was the right size to wear on my middle finger. As I grew older the ring slowly made it's way to my next finger and to this day it sits on my little finger. I never take it off, infact it has created a permanent indented groove into my little finger.

    Twice I have lost my little gold ring and twice it miraculously found it's way back to me but it was at those times when my little finger felt so naked without it that I realised how much it is apart of me.

    I enjoyed reading your interview, rings really are sentimental.

  2. I'm not attached to much either. Apart from people and my cat that is :) In terms of objects there are a few pieces of Japanese pottery I own that send me a bit wobbly when they get broken but apart from that not much else. Funny isn't it?

  3. I adore vintage clothing and jewelry- but if I had to choose something most precious in my home it would be my pets. They are irreplaceable. If I can't use living things then I have a few vintage religious statues that are quite old and fragile that mean a lot to me. Two are huge and freak people out, but I love them.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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  4. I love your one piece!
    I have a ring which we haggled for in Morocco, inscribed with arabic alphabet which I absolutely LOVE.
    I wore it everyday for years, it reminds me of our travelling times, a lifetime before our little creatures were born.

  5. Great ring! So nice to read about your journey to it too.

    I don't know what I'd select as my precious thing. I'll have to have a snoop around and see if I can decide.

    P.S. Of course you can blog about my wallpaper! I'd be thrilled for you to!

    Thanks :)

  6. Great interview and the ring is really beautiful. God, I would really have to rack my brains to come up with one thing....

  7. It's funny, I have always thought of myself as sentimental but as I grow older I am am placing less emphasis and meaning on objects and like you am happy to pass many on. I remember how competitive op shopping was when I was just starting out. My friends and I would bust through the oppy doors like it was the Myer stocktake sale. I still can't walk past a op shop but am more of a collector
    than and opportunist these days.

    P.S. My local Dymocks sell girl guide cookies - my girls and I love them!