I READ Lisa Tilse ’s The Red Thread everyday. I am blown away that Tilse , a busy working mum, finds time to blog daily, and more than onc...

I READ Lisa Tilse’s The Red Thread everyday. I am blown away that Tilse, a busy working mum, finds time to blog daily, and more than once a day. Tilse found the work of South African Heath Nash and posted these gorgeous light sculptures made of rubbish.

I’d love to work with youth groups, like Girl Guides and Scouts and run programs that use rubbish to create useful or beautiful objects. (Yes, I know what you’re thinking. The last post was all about wrapping up the Guide unit.)

Anyhoot, Guides and Scouts use a lot of recycled materials in their programming to cut costs, but I’d like to set up a workshop and storeroom where volunteers, teachers and youth leaders could come and buy a program that suited their need and the materials to carry it out. I imagine school holiday workshops and doing workshops with groups at their regular meetings. I’ve thought about it a lot - not as big as Reverse Garbage, but similar. Hopefully, without the weekly pressures of running a Girl Guide unit, I might be able to get a program like this up and running for the organisation and its members. It would be self-funding, and in time, money could be invested into environmental efficiencies at Guide and Scout halls, like water tanks, and solar hot water.

By the way, this post - not the idea - formed in my head during Earth Hour, on Sunday. Sorry it’s taken me until Friday to share it with you. Earth Hour, in my house, was spent writing letters by candlelight. Ahhhh. Lovely.

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  1. They are stunning - your project idea sounds fantastic, I love it - would it be open to general public?

    I've finally put some pics on my blog of some of the Wester Germans filling up shelves at our place!

  2. Sounds terrific. Maybe you could also tie craft donations like Scrap in San Francisco - http://www.scrap-sf.org/

  3. Hey Kate :) loving these light sculptures, how cool would they look in the trees at a garden party and then you could light them up at night!!

    S. x

  4. Ooo I like Sara's idea above for those beautiful lights. I also think your onto a great thing with your idea to create a workshop / storeroom for the use of rubbish to make beautiful objects!
    Always full of brilliant idea katiecrackernuts!
    And thanks for all your entertaining comments over on my blog, they give me a good ol giggle : )

  5. Wow those sculptures are simply delightful!

  6. Thanks for being a regular reader of my blog Kate!

    I think that's a really wonderful initiative. I wish you luck getting it off the ground... in your spare time?!

    I finally solved my problem of not being able to leave a comment. I switched browsers from Firefox to Safari and it worked. Yay!

  7. wow, they look beautiful! rubbish? really?
    hey i was at Reverse garbage the other day - found some beautiful lace pieces...

  8. Very neat! If they came in other colors I would definitely have to pick one up...