THE Christmas cards were printed on Sunday. Just as I got the Gocco printer ready to burn my screen the 17-year-old called to be picked u...

THE Christmas cards were printed on Sunday. Just as I got the Gocco printer ready to burn my screen the 17-year-old called to be picked up. I suppose I should be thankful I didn’t have the screens inked. The screen burned with a lot of “fuzz” but I’d prepared for a rustic look by planning to print on aged newspaper pages and using sepia ink. I haven’t yet mastered my Gocco and this is my best high-mesh print to date. I can get clean burns on screens designed for printing fabric but screens designed for printing paper have produced less than ideal results.

Angela Catterns is replacing Richard Glover on afternoon drive time over the summer break at 702 ABC Sydney. Yesterday she’d asked people to name someone who wrote to them every Christmas, without fail. I got mine yesterday from a woman who was my landlady. I lived at the rear of her house for two or three years and she and I became good friends. I am guessing she’d be well into her 80s by now. She remarried in her 70s. That’s good isn’t it? I hope I still have some kick in me at that age. She’s got spunk that girl.

I am writing notes in each card I send out. I never know, though, how to start and finish each card. “Merry Christmas” and “Best Wishes” and “Have a Safe Holiday” seem somewhat fake after twittering on about the family and work and the garden. I’m thinking of starting with “Me Again” and ending with “So, Same Time Next Year”. What juicy tidbits do you write in your Christmas cards and who do they go to?

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  1. I love your cards, the print worked out great. I haven't done mine yet. I stay pretty boring and to the point in them... usually because I leave it to the last minute!!

  2. They look great. I like the different textures.
    Though I have to know what newspaper and what date?

  3. Good on you for using your Gocco. I've heard of lots of people having trouble with fuzziness but can't offer any advice as I don't own one, sorry. Nice design.

  4. love angela catterns. and richard glover. and 702 ABC Sydney! funny how these things really 'hit home'. your cards are looking beautiful.

  5. Count me in as another Angela fan... I was so bummed when she left the morning slot.
    I'm still in 2 minds about investing in a Gocco. Did you know there's a Yahoo Gocco group? It seems like a great place for info and having your questions answered.
    As for Christmas cards I haven't got around to doing any this year, so I'll either send out New Years cards, or if I miss that deadline they'll be Chinese New Year cards. I do always send out cards sometime between now and February...

  6. cute cards! this year I was a little slack with sending out Christmas cards...not good!!