ANASTASIA has tagged me. She asked so nicely, I couldn’t refuse. I always like reading what others say, but do wonder what my confessions s...

ANASTASIA has tagged me. She asked so nicely, I couldn’t refuse. I always like reading what others say, but do wonder what my confessions say about me.

Clothes shop: I am an op shopper from way back. Almost my entire wardrobe is from an op shop. In fact I noted one day this week my entire outfit was made up of op shop finds. Boots, skirt, shirt and leather jacket. I added it up and it was an entire outfit for less than $40.

Furniture shop: I can’t remember the last time I bought a piece of furniture. We have a blended household, so it’s an eclectic mix of stuff. I do spy pieces I’d like to add to the house at op shops and junk yards, but really, we don’t need any more than what we have. We tend to replace items as things fall apart – and I mean really fall apart. I’m the original “stitch in time” girl. If I can fix it, or find someone else to fix it, I will.

Sweet: I am not a sweet tooth. Nope. No amount of chocolate would ever sway me. I do like Freckles as a treat, a scone with homemade jam and cream, but really, my weakness is freshly baked Turkish bread and salty olive or eggplant dips.

City: I am not a world weary traveller. Cities I’ve been to include Dhaka in Bangladesh, Bangkok in Thailand and Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, both in Vietnam. I’ve never had a yearning to see big cities. I am, after all, a country girl. I like Brisbane and Adelaide – the Central Market in Adelaide is a treat. I adore Melbourne. It’s a favourite. There’s still so many places to see.

Drink: Copious amounts of tea and coffee. In summer, a glass or two of chilled, low-alcohol Cienna or a ginger beer. If I’m out with the girls a gin and tonic or watermelon vodka (mind you, it’s a long time since I’ve had one of either). There’s also a fruit winery where I live and they do a nice mango wine.

Music: Still love Eddie Brickell but have the last Feist album on rotation. I also have to send a nod the way of Central Coast lass Sarah Humphreys.

Television: Dr Who and Torchwood (and, sad but true, ABC Television’s Collectors). There are teenagers in my house and only one television, so I don’t see much. I did buy series two of Torchwood when it was released earlier this month. Ai, ya, ya … not one I’d want to watch with the kids.

Film: No real favourites, though I love going to the pictures. The last film I saw was Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Watch it with a bunch of your high school gal pals. Very funny.

I run five days a week, do two salutations to the sun every morning, sit ups, push ups and hand weights.

Pastries: Nope, none. Yuk.

Coffee: A flat white, with two sugars. The two sugars makes up for the fact I don’t like chocolate. And my favourite cafĂ© is Caffe Jam, at East Gosford, which bless it’s little delicatessen heart, has no website.

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  1. ohh your good to not like pastries...or chocolate eeek! i couldnt handle it! ha! i like ABC collectors show...