MY chance discover of this artistic lass had me thinking about that old saying, never judge a book by its cover. Because Liz and I had bee...

MY chance discover of this artistic lass had me thinking about that old saying, never judge a book by its cover. Because Liz and I had been chatting by email to get a work project over the line we’d built up a rapport before swapping blog addresses. Now, I am guessing we are two bloggers who’d never have cause to trip across each other blogs. I think it’s pretty safe to say we don’t move in the same blogging circles. What, with her blog categories being Sex, Drugs and the Occult and mine being along the lines of op shopping and vintage frocks. But, because we’d been chatting I wanted to know more. Diggin’ about her blog I found her opening post and you know what, I couldn’t have said it better (and I’m supposed to be the wordsmith, and she the art-eest). In Liz’s own words: “I want to be myself; if you come to love me, so be it. I’m completely cool with being loved. But if you come to hate me, then, I’m even cool with that”. Right on.

What are your blog reading habits? How do you decide what to read? Is it on visuals alone? Have you been introduced to the blogger by someone, or were they recommended? Do you ever abandon blogs? Why?

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  1. Intriguing topic - and I just love that animation she put together.

    My own blog reading habits are varied and fall into all the categories that I love - so there's crafty ones, techie ones, cooking ones...some for sheer visual pleasure, others for the story that is being told.

    It's great finding new blog rec's (like this one!) and I'll tend to abandon a blog if the focus is just not my scene... or if there is no heart or soul put into it - or with a tendency to have too many visuals and not enough words.

    I'm also drawn to those that ignite a bit of discussion or is a sounding board for all different opinions... like this one!

  2. I have just started going through my bookmarks to try and organise all the blogs I have found over the year. I have been deleting a few only because I have found ones that interest me more.
    But what sucks me in? A common interest, a style, talent, colour, words, pictures, humour, I'm not really sure what attracts me to some more than others. I just like it when people share what they love.

  3. i love bloglines and have many blogs bookmarked there but it saves me lots of time!
    i love crafty blogs, woman who blog about their passion and im drawn to woman who have made their passion into a career (very interested in that!)
    i also love cooking blogs, decor blogs even travel minded people who enjoy the things I do...i steer away from politcal blogs...too intense for me - blogging is an enjoyable pasttime...

  4. Great post, and i can't help but put my two bobs worth in since you've asked these questions...

    Intrigue that then leads to inspiration is everything to me when it comes to blog reading. Like your name, for example, which totally intrigued me and made me smile, and then when I started reading and viewing your illustrations, well I was hooked.

    If I get a 'buzz' from reading someone's blog posts - whether it be through visuals, or words - then I keep coming back. It's those two elements (intrigue and inspiration) that are my deciding factors.

    My 'method' of discovering interesting bloggers has come in all forms - whether they're friends who have decided to start blogging, or a blogger who has left me a comment, or if one of my favourite bloggers has posted a fabulous picture from one of their favourite blogs (as you have done above).

    And so far, i have not abandoned any blogs. I have no idea why - I'm a sentimental gal is all I'm guessing, who has a problem with letting go.