YIKES. How time can slip away from you. I’m kinda busy, but I’m always busy. My family sat watching me on Saturday (so I was told on Tuesda...

YIKES. How time can slip away from you. I’m kinda busy, but I’m always busy. My family sat watching me on Saturday (so I was told on Tuesday) and had a running commentary, Olympic-style, on my busy-ness. I don’t know whether to be chuffed that they were in awe, as it was kindly put to me, or whether to be miffed that while I was sweeping, washing, cooking, wiping, typing, folding and hanging that they were sitting on the couch doin’ nothing. NOTHING!

Anyhoot, Lara tagged me because birdprint tagged her, and you know what, I’ll play, but I ain’t taggin’ anyone.

Six things? I’ve done this one just a week or so ago – the time thing, again – but here goes. I’ll be guided by Lara’s post.

BREAKFAST: Porridge with banana and golden syrup. Like every day. I really must do something about that.
WAKEY WAKEY: My alarm goes off at 5.45am. I set it fifteen minutes early so I can doze a bit. I can’t just jump out of bed as soon as the alarm sounds. That’s way too harsh a start to my day.
OUR LOCAL: We have the best, I say the best, Thai restaurant just down the road from us. We live on a very small point with only one road in and out. The suburb has its own village and there’s a Thai restaurant that serves up a great prawn satay or vegetable laksa. I very rarely stray from these two menu choices.
ON THE BOX: I don’t know. I have teenagers in my house and rarely get a chance to sit and watch anything. I did see a new series NCIS on Tuesday night. I hired Charade, starring Audrey Hepburn, on Saturday. It’s Thursday and I still haven’t seen it.
ON THE RADIO: I had Josh Pyke, The Weepies and Jen Chloer and The Endless Sea on rotation in the car, but am now listening to Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet. I’ve read it several times, but hearing it read is different again. I was always drawn to Dolly and Oriel, but this time I’m exploring the characters of Sam and Lester.
GREEN BAGS: I take great delight in refusing plastic bags and packing my groceries straight back into the trolley and then packing the green bags myself at my car. I get comments on how laborious that must be, but honestly, it’s faster. I whiz through supermarket check outs and then pack the bags how I’d like them packed and end up carrying half the bags into the house at the other end. If the checkout operator packs them, I get twice the bags, all of them half full.

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  1. I'm a porridge with banana and (lots of) honey girl... I'm trying to cut down but its so yummy on a cold morning...

  2. yumm, thai food is one of my faves.
    Why do they pack those bags like that?? which is why I prefer to give them a hand most of the time. There is one operater though who must have OCD because she gets narky if you try to mess with her tetris style of filling up the bags.

  3. Hello! I tagged you over on my blog...hope you don't mind. Play if you want, if not that's ok too.