THIS brooch was made by my ma. She’s keen to make and sell them and I spent some time showing her Etsy and Made It when I visited earlier in...

THIS brooch was made by my ma. She’s keen to make and sell them and I spent some time showing her Etsy and Made It when I visited earlier in the month. We tried to find something similar online for price and product comparison. All the materials are scavenged laces and ribbons, hand-dyed and handcrafted into the flowers, buds and petals. At the moment Mum is making the brooches for people who like them and, I think, is a bit nervous about asking for money for them. They’re just beautiful and take her a day of crafting to make. It’s a big ask, but if you could give us some clues about what they’re worth – hard to answer without fear of offence, I know, but we’d really like some clues and promise we won’t be offended at all. We’ve seen a variety of prices, material (and dare I say it, quality) online. It’s also very hard to get a feel for what we’re looking at. Mums blooms are quite big – as big as a real flower in most cases. If you’ve got some expertise in doing a product and price comparison, we’d love your thoughts. It’s a case of just putting it out there and seeing what we get back. Thanks in advance, you’re all swell.

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  1. They look superb! I can't tell what they're worth but want to encourage your mum with her enerprise - I think they would be a hit.

  2. Hello, just came across your blog! Your mum's brooches are beaut! Pricing is icky and tricky. I did a small business course and still sweat over pricing EVERY time. A general rule is to add up how much your materials cost then double that figure. Even if the lace cost 20c a piece at the opshop, add it up! You double it to ensure you make your money back on materials. Now this is the tricky part - work out what your time is worth per hour. This is your wage! Some crafty/designer/arty types go for AUD$50 an hour or more, much more. I don't, cause I am no way near the top of my field and have, in the scheme of things, been crafting for a short time. So, maybe $25 - $35 an hour FOR EXAMPLE. Work out how many hours were spent on the brooch and add it up, then add this to the cost of materials. And that's what you should charge! But ya gotta believe in your product, you made it and it's worth mulah!! Don't undervalue it!!! Having said all that pricing never really gets easier :( And I am still guilty of under charging. sigh. good luck to you and your mum, be firm with your price!

  3. they look great - its hard to price things...i still struggle!
    most people understand handmade takes time and love so are happy to pay a bit more...others not so much but i agree dont undervalue time...